AK 5262 BRIMAX Bright Nickel Plating Processes

(For Rack Applications)

  • AK 5262 BRIMAX Bright Nickel Plating Process is designed by ATILIM KİMYA to get fast and superior brightness at low to high, all current density areas.
  • BRIMAX can be used on steel, brass, copper, zamak alloy and aluminum substrates for both decorative and functional purposes with successful results.
  • AK 5262 BRIMAX process is suitable for a wide range of rack applications, ensuring the formation of ductile and mirror bright nickel layers.
  • AK 5262 BRIMAX forms highly levelled nickel layers so rapidly that the user takes advantage of short plating time with sufficient nickel deposit thickness.
  • The formulation provides excellent throwing and covering power which generates outstanding brightness although at complex shaped parts and low thicknesses.
  • The nickel layer maintains its superior performance in terms of deposit properties also at applications where high coating thicknesses are required.
  • Nickel layers formed through BRIMAX show excellent chromium acceptance properties.
  • AK 5262 BRIMAX is an easy process in terms of operation and control. No formation of harmful reaction products occur in the system.
  • The system shows high tolerance to overdose and contaminations.
  • AK 5262 BRIMAX is a very economical process in terms of make up and maintenance as a result of its concentrated formulation and low consumption rate.