• AK 8510 ETOX Stainless Steel Passivation Solution is a special composition designed to increase the corrosion resistance of the parts to a higher degree which were treated with AK 8500 ETOX Stainless Steel Pickling Solution.
  • AK 8510 ETOX is an immersion type process.
  • AK 8510 ETOX  is a nitric acid free composition that prevents the toxic gas evolution during passivation process. Moreover, since the product does not include any other harmful ingredients to human health no extra precaution is needed in terms of the health, safety and security of operators at the manufaturing site.
  • The solution is a biodegradable organic acid mixture and is environment friendly.
  • In contrast with conventional nitric acid based passivating products, AK 8510 ETOX efficiently and selectively removes iron from the surface so that an improved passive layer is formed having a higher corrosion resistance. As an additional advantage of this unique product property, AK 8510 ETOX keeps the chromium on the surface intact, which is the major source of passivity, resulting in a superior tolerance to much longer immersion times with no negative effect on the formation of corrosion resistant passive surface layer.
  • AK 8510 Stainless Steel Passivation Process results in a whiter surface colour on the parts treated with AK 8500 ETOX Stainless Steel Pickling that already has a regular, matte and decorative metallic appereance.