Quality Policy

The primary objective of ATILIM KİMYA is to convert our earnings into investment and our investments into technology in accordance with customer requirements, that is to provide our customers with innovative products and services having internationally recognised competitive power.

Our aim is to establish and sustain a strong brand as a process provider for surface treatment and metal finishing market through being an industry leading and an exemplary company in every aspect.

We continuously monitor all related technological advancements around the globe along with economical changes and new legal responsibilities in order to assure that our products and services are always able to fulfill customer requirements, for the moment and in the future.

Our company aims to enhance customer satisfaction by continuously improving the effectiveness of the quality management system with the participation of all of the employees and for this purpose strives for utmost effectiveness in management of business resources.

ATILIM KİMYA carries out R&D studies for developing surface treatment technologies intending to generate innovative products which also contributes to sustainable development.

We encourage all employees at all levels to embrace teamwork for utilising their accumulated knowledge, enhancing their creativity and develop new ideas. As a customer oriented company, we also consider our customers as a part of the team.